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Taiwan Cloud Association joins member manufacturers at AIoT Taiwan to welcome the first wave of foreign buyers after the epidemic

Taiwan Cloud Association joins member manufacturers at AIoT Taiwan to welcome the first wave of foreign buyers after the epidemic
Taiwan Cloud Association joins member manufacturers at AIoT Taiwan to welcome the first wave of foreign buyers after the epidemic

The epidemic has accelerated the digital transformation of industries in various countries. In order to assist domestic industries to introduce digital technology and lead member manufacturers to meet the first wave of foreign buyers after the epidemic, the Taiwan Cloud Internet of Things Industry Association ( referred to as Taiwan Cloud Association ) today (26) in "Taiwan" Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Exhibition (AIoT Taiwan) " was held in the "Cloud Internet of Things Theme Pavilion" . It gathered 16 manufacturers or legal entities including the three major telecommunications companies, Advantech, Jiasda, ITRI , and exhibited 18 technologies. Integrating the five major axes of 5G application, AI cloud, supply chain information security, accelerating digital transformation with large and small, and welcoming 6G communication technology, it has become one of the most grand theme pavilions in this year's AIoT Taiwan exhibition.

Que Zhike, Secretary General of the Taiwan Cloud Association ( President of Delta Research Institute ), said that 5G , AI and information security are the driving force and guarantee for the digital transformation of the industry. This year's feature is that in addition to the industry heavyweights participating in the exhibition, large and small enterprises are invited to join hands. The cooperation results will be exhibited, and the technology of new startups will be introduced into small and medium-sized enterprises to accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises. In addition, the Taiwan Cloud Association is optimistic about the 6G business opportunities from the cloud, into the universe, and into space . It also needs more forward -looking technical support in the digital transformation . In order to build a diversified and cross-domain partnership and jointly promote the "cloud optical communication industry", in the future, both members will be promoted as upstream and downstream complementary manufacturers in the field of optical communication, creating business opportunities for each other's members.

Other highlights are shown below:

Import AI Express ITRI 's AI modeling system helps companies achieve digital transformation at low cost

In recent years , AI technology has been widely used in various industries. However, with the introduction of multiple AI applications, companies often need time-consuming and laborious data cleaning and labeling, not to mention the high investment in AI technology research and development such as model development and parameter adjustment. In this context, the ITRI team has been actively investing in the research and development of friendly, easy-to-use and highly automated AI modeling systems based on the accumulated AI application achievements in manufacturing, business, finance, medical care, and text-related fields over the years " (FAST AI Workbench) " to help the industry lower the threshold for AI investment, so as to accelerate the implementation of AI from "data processing", "modeling", " training" and "access to enterprise processes" . Using " Fast AOI" to help the industry reduce false alarms, save manpower, and make real-time judgments.

Show the system integration of the domestic 19 -meter air dominance large-scale spacecraft Published high-altitude spacecraft communication payload system

The unmanned spacecraft has low energy consumption and long-term airborne capability. ITRI has independently developed the communication payload integration technology of domestic unmanned spacecraft, including high-altitude spacecraft broadband communication integration, radio relay communication, radio direction finding and ship signal decoding and other technologies, with low serial connection. Orbital satellite system, after integrating the communication payload, can be applied to 4K real-time image streaming, realizing communication transmission relay, navigation and positioning, detection and disaster prevention, radio direction finding and positioning and other functions, strengthening and improving the three-dimensional high-altitude relay backbone and disaster prevention communication system development.

Other highlights in the pavilion are Advantech's private cloud solution " WISE-STACK ", which contains 5G multi-access edge computing servers and AI frameworks that comply with NIST SP 800-193 information security specifications "Learning Homework" (MLOps) is applied in different fields such as: smart manufacturing, smart production, energy and environmental protection, smart medical care, smart city and other fields to achieve the goal of digital transformation and sustainable operation. In addition, Chunghwa Telecom's " 5G Infant Remote Smart Monitoring System" can be paired with Bluetooth to obtain values , upload the blood oxygen, heart rate, and temperature records of the newborn in real time. Combined with the AI ​​analysis of Yangming Jiaotong University Digital Medicine and Smart Medical Center , the blood oxygen can be fed back in real time. Trend forecast, reduce unnecessary visits and contacts, take care of every newborn under the epidemic and in the era of low birthrates, and also show that technological upgrades facilitate your life and mine.

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